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Harvest Audio: Wondrous Stories – The Double

It’s harvest time and, in honor of that, we’d like to introduce you to the work of Harvest Audio – under the direction of Joe Stofko.

Episode 23: The Bird Bath

Maybe you didn’t see what you think you saw.  (We revisit our first scary short – and one of our top 3 most downloaded episodes of all time.)

Episode 22: Filling Station

Maybe you should keep on driving.

Episode 21: The Cabin

It’s almost too dark.  It’s definitely too quiet.

Episode 20: The Beholder

I don’t get scared driving at night.

Episode 19: Cold Storage

The beating heart of any IT department – its inner sanctum – is the server room, kept a crisp and machine-friendly 50-60 degrees.  Not hot enough to feel like summer,  but not chilly enough to be inhospitable … until maybe you find … y’know … a body … We present:  Cold Storage.

Episode 18: Knock Redux

“Knock at the Door” was originally broadcast in January of 2010 and we believe it deserves a second chance to be heard.  It has the distinction of being the only Precarious production recorded in a single take; that hadn’t happened before and it hasn’t happened since.  It’s 1938 and tensions are running high at the Kruger household, where anger turns to something darker … and the dead don’t want to stay dead.

Episode 17: Salt

Life is frequently complicated by death, although it must be said that the dead are rarely inconvenient.  That is, unless you live in Unseemly Lake, Minnesota, where the ground is more than willing to give up its secrets.  We present the latest installment in our “Tractor Triangle” series – “Salt”.

Episode 16: Three Tales of True Love

Wanting and needing – being wanted and needed; it seems the search for someone who loves us in spite of knowing us well has preoccupied humankind since its arrival on the planet.  Three tales show us that love is a many-splendored, if somewhat awkward and extremely dangerous, thing:  ”Rescue”, “Normalcy” and “Evolution – or “Frannie, Parts 1, 2 and 3″.

Episode 15: Angels

The heavens shook in an epic battle, followed by an uneasy forever.  Millenia from the Conundrum, Dark and Light negotiate a delicate balance of power … somewhere over a lake in Misfortune, Wisconsin.  Another tale in our “Tractor Triangle” series, we present “Angels”