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Call for Talent

Searching the countryside for 2 male voices:  1 – a deep, base voice; 2 – a voice in any part of the range with a Dutch accent (native or second generation speaker preferred).  Productions in late Sept/Oct timeframe.  Please contact Tansy at your earliest convenience if interested.

Call for Talent

Upcoming horror episode needs 4 male voices (2 mature, 2 any) and 2 female (1 mature, 1 childlike). A warning will be posted for this production’s language, themes and disturbing sexual content (1 scene). Total estimated time commitment (rehearsing/recording) 6-8 hours. 2 men, 2 women needed for upcoming Precarious Moment monologues also. Please contact Tansy [...]

Building the Audio Catalog

When you’re looking for “the best voice for the job”, you have a couple of options:  1) phone stalk your friends and their friends whilst blind dialing folks out of the phone book, or 2) record any and all interested parties for easy reference.  We picked #2; we’re jaunty and carefree like that. In the [...]