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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

Building the Audio Catalog

When you’re looking for “the best voice for the job”, you have a couple of options:  1) phone stalk your friends and their friends whilst blind dialing folks out of the phone book, or 2) record any and all interested parties for easy reference.  We picked #2; we’re jaunty and carefree like that. In the [...]

What Comes Next?

Art, infamy and shwag, darlings; art, infamy and shwag.

And We Have Launch

Welcome! Precarious Audio Theater is a listening adventure   tailored for a braver, newer world.   We present intelligent, original tales to both delight and inspire dread – performed by a score of incredible local talent.  You’ll find no chick lit here … no travel diaries or political essays; this is mysterious, thrilling and sometimes horrific stuff.  [...]