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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010

Soon: Unseemly Lake, MN – BARN

Coming Friday, March 5th:

A Precarious Moment: The Apartment

A woman bolts out of a sound sleep. Was that a scream? Things are too close for comfort in ‘The Apartment’ – our next “Precarious Moment”.

Rate Us (for Fabulous Cash and Prizes)!

How much would we love to be a podcast pin-up on iTunes? Enough to bribe our way in! (Shamelessness is part of our charm …) iTunes pulls its features and favorites from customer ratings and, if you don’t have the minimum number of scores (some undisclosed arcane figure), you can just forget about being promoted [...]

Episode 4: Love Never Dies

Precarious Audio Theater presents “Love Never Dies”. Part 1 is ‘Dinner and a Show’ with Kate Kennedy; Part 2 is ‘Long Distance’ with Michael LaFleur and Tansy Undercrypt. Ah, love … so magical … so life-changing … so … precarious. Precarious Audio Theater Episode 4: Love Never Dies by Tansy Undercrypt is licensed under a [...]