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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

A Precarious Moment: Sweethearts

Breaking up is hard to do; much, much harder than you’d ever suspect in “Sweethearts” – our next Precarious Moment.

Call for Talent

Upcoming horror episode needs 4 male voices (2 mature, 2 any) and 2 female (1 mature, 1 childlike). A warning will be posted for this production’s language, themes and disturbing sexual content (1 scene). Total estimated time commitment (rehearsing/recording) 6-8 hours. 2 men, 2 women needed for upcoming Precarious Moment monologues also. Please contact Tansy [...]

Episode 6: The Air That I Breathe

Nothing is so precious as that which we’re about to lose. Precarious presents a collaboration with audio playwright Mike Murphy: a retro sci-fi extravaganza that’s … a little low on oxygen, perhaps, but high on insubordination and intrigue: “The Air That I Breathe”.