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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

Episode 12: Triptych

It sneaks up on you … the subtle, ghostly chill – the image that won’t delete from your mental program.  It creeps into the garden and curls up in the strawberries … “Triptych” will stay with you as three haunting tales:  ’Kodokushi’, ‘Stacks’ and ‘Loa’.


That’s right – you and you alone are responsible for the terror that has destroyed the tranquility of this community and rent the fabric of common decency in two.  We should have known.  And, perhaps, we will … Welcome to the world’s first Serial Killer Fundraiser, where you pick a victim through donation and gamble [...]

Your Potential Victim: Antoinette Teeter

Antoinette Teeter was an orphan who was given to the service of Mr. and Mrs. Royston Mewes of Shammis-Norton when she was eight years old.  A fanciful young girl with creative ideals and a great passion for the theater, she delighted the Mewes’ children with her stories and merry Sunday plays.  At sixteen, Ms. Teeter [...]

Your Potential Victim: Archibald Canfield

Archibald Canfield grew up a child of wealth and privilege, attending the Dainsbury School for Young Gentlemen and the Kleiden Jurisdiction Institute – graduating from both with top honors.  Building a private fortune through a robust trade in buoyancy valves, Canfield eventually grew tired of fancy parties and donned the wool ascot of the common [...]

Your Potential Victim: Geoffrey Park

Geoffrey Park grew up TentTown among the poorest of the poor.  His father, a salvage worker, and his mother, a seamstress, couldn’t protect their young son – born with a twisted left leg – from the cruel realities of their life.  As soon as he was old enough, Geoffrey joined the Merchant AirLifts as a [...]


An official announcement is to be made regarding the activities of The Cogsworks Killer and the recent abductions of three locals: Antoinette Teeter, Archibald Canfield and Geoffrey Park.  If you have any information regarding these individuals, you are to contact the 1410 Jurisdiction West constabulary immediately.

Soon: Triptych

Coming Friday, October 1st, 2010.


All persons in receipt of this communication are urged to stay indoors after sunset; allow no strangers into your home without correct Aetherport Authority identification. Report all suspicious activity to the Jurisdiction without delay. More information is forthcoming …

Episode 11: The Dweets

What if it went like they said it would … little man … flying saucer … “Take me to your leader!”  Where will you be when news of first contact breaks?  Looks like you’ll be here.