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Soon: Angels

Coming Friday, January 7th, 2011.

Episode 14: Any Old Rags

Typically, our memories grow softer with age.  Recollections from childhood take on a warmth and affection that yesterday’s hardships don’t have.  Unless, of course, the fear is as real today as it was when you were a kid – the confusion and horror just as fresh as the first time you lived through it.  The past proves hard to shake in “Any Old Rags”.

Soon: Any Old Rags

Coming Friday, December 3rd, 2010.

A Precarious Moment: Mr. Nightmare

The hustle and bustle of the holidays brings back childhood memories … and a special friend you’d rather forget in “Mr. Nightmare”.

A New Kind of Crazy

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Dave Stagner has joined the production team of Precarious Audio Theater as a second sound engineer.  He’s in, like, 14 bands and has 706 projects cooking, but didn’t want to refer anyone else for love of the game.  Now, THAT is our kind of crazy!

Welcome, Dave!

Episode 13: Happy Anniversary

It’s been a year of living Precariously!  Join us as we resolve this Cogsworks Killer business … and deliver an encore presentation of ‘Roly Poly’!

Episode 12: Triptych

It sneaks up on you … the subtle, ghostly chill – the image that won’t delete from your mental program.  It creeps into the garden and curls up in the strawberries … “Triptych” will stay with you as three haunting tales:  ’Kodokushi’, ‘Stacks’ and ‘Loa’.


That’s right – you and you alone are responsible for the terror that has destroyed the tranquility of this community and rent the fabric of common decency in two.  We should have known.  And, perhaps, we will …

Welcome to the world’s first Serial Killer Fundraiser, where you pick a victim through donation and gamble with Fate!  Will you make your mark once again and disappear into the night without a trace?  Will you stumble and lead the police right to you?  Will you be thwarted before you even have a chance to flee?  That’s up to you.  Here’s how it works:

Read the descriptions of the potential victims on the website; select a victim; hit the donate button (below) and enter your victim’s name in the message box.  (A minimum donation of $1 is greatly appreciated.)  Victim selection will continue until midnight of October 31st and then the path will be clear.

If we raise $500, you dispatch the most popular victim with your customary grisly panache and escape without so much as a whisper of trouble.  If we raise $250, you dispatch the victim, but bungle it somehow – leaving a clue that gives the police something solid to go on.  Raising lower than $250 means the police are on to you and coming down the street.  You may not get out of this last tryst alive.

Precarious Audio Theater appreciates your support in meeting its goals of expanding advertising and paying production staff as well as talent for future programming.

Wait … my dear Killer … is that a siren?

Your Potential Victim: Antoinette Teeter

Antoinette Teeter was an orphan who was given to the service of Mr. and Mrs. Royston Mewes of Shammis-Norton when she was eight years old.  A fanciful young girl with creative ideals and a great passion for the theater, she delighted the Mewes’ children with her stories and merry Sunday plays.  At sixteen, Ms. Teeter attended the Ammel Teaching Academy and secured a position with Turgess Preperatory School upon her graduation.  She was a spirited instructor and won a loyal following of the girls in her charge.  She is an esteemed patron of the arts within the confines of her means.

She is also an unstable menace, given to fits of hysteria and acts of harm against students she has judged to be not of acceptable parentage, creed or color.  She was placed on restriction three years ago for holding a student down and burning them with a cigarette for not being fair-skinned, but returned to work shortly thereafter.

Is Antoinette Teeter to be your victim?

Your Potential Victim: Archibald Canfield

Archibald Canfield grew up a child of wealth and privilege, attending the Dainsbury School for Young Gentlemen and the Kleiden Jurisdiction Institute – graduating from both with top honors.  Building a private fortune through a robust trade in buoyancy valves, Canfield eventually grew tired of fancy parties and donned the wool ascot of the common barrister, working as a dispute settlement agent for trade sectors of the downtrodden merchant class.  He gave generously to local hospitals and spared no expense to rebuild the Warbler Sanitarium after the tragic inmate fire of ’04.

He is also a renowned misanthrope.  Referring to the throngs of street urchins begging along the airdocks as “vermin”, he was briefly investigated for his involvement in a slavery ring.  Formal charges were never filed against him – nor was he brought in for questioning in the fatal mauling of a prostitute on his front lawn; initially, there was some wonderment as to whether he’d given the order for his dogs to attack.

Is Archibald Canfield to be your victim?